Listen to Hollywood Actors Perform the True Barefoot Brand Story for Fun and Insight!


“Don’t tell me. Show me!” pretty much sums up why we spent the last year putting together our latest initiative to get our story out to the largest number of consumer brand builders. We took our New York Times bestseller, The Barefoot Spirit, and turned it into an audiobook – not just any audiobook though. We produced and recorded a complete audio play in a new genre which we call, “Business Audio Theatre.”

Here, actors play the parts in scenes with action and outcomes, complete with sound effects and an original musical score. Each scene depicts real events that took place in the founding and building of the world’s largest wine brand, Barefoot Wine.

You will be drawn into the drama of a real consumer brand startup, underfunded, and created by folks you can identify with. They have no prior knowledge of the industry into which they have been hurled. You’ll be there as they use common sense, resourcefulness, strategic alliances, and steadfast belief in their ultimate success to overcome the stream of seemingly insurmountable obstacles and challenges that assault them daily. It’s downright gripping!

Because their story is being performed for you, instead of just read to you, you will enjoy a 3-D experience that brings the pages to life in the playhouse of your mind. Because it’s in audio, and not text, you can be truly mobile. You will be entertained while you jog, commute, or multitask, untethered from your screen. This is the perfect companion for your holiday road trip.

And this is about a brand you know. This is how it got there. And if you ever wanted to know what it takes to succeed as a consumer brand builder, or if you ever wanted to know the mindset necessary to overcome obstacles on the fly, this is the story for you.

After a decade of writing, speaking, and advising on the subject of consumer brands, we have realized that the best way to convey principles is through story, and the best way to convey story is through theatre. So now you can learn what we call the Barefoot Spirit’s guiding principles for success on demand when and where you want it. Now you can enjoy a fun and thrilling story, and take away the tools you need for your own adventure!

The Barefoot Spirit is a guidebook for anyone in business and a great read for everyone who loves a rags-to-riches story. Filled with many eye-openers, including:

  • How Michael and Bonnie used worthy cause marketing to build a bestselling brand
  • Why they never spent a dime on traditional advertising
  • The surprising advantages of being small and broke
  • How creating a fun, yet hardworking culture kicks productivity into high gear
  • How handling mistakes the right way saves and nurtures essential business relationships
  • Why attitude and determination beat knowledge and experience

Our wish for you is to be successful in the new year. And to help you get started, we are giving you a complete free chapter from The Barefoot Spirit audiobook. We can talk and write all we want about how this is a truly unique experience, but until you experience business audio theatre for yourself, you will never quite appreciate why this is a compelling game changer in the world of business audiobooks.

That is why we are giving you  a link to several samples including a full 25-minute free chapter and several 2-two minute clips from the true story of Barefoot Wine.

 A Dramatic Departure from the Typical Audiobook

 “As soon as I started listening, I understood. This wasn’t just a voiceover artist reading a book out loud for me. Rather, it was an immersive listening experience, including actors playing the parts of various characters, punctuated by sound effects and enhanced with music. In a nonfiction audiobook, no less. I was embarking on a journey of the mind’s eye into an engaging, often funny, informative look into the struggles, ingenuity and humanity behind the founding of America’s top wine brand.”

– Cynthia Conrad, Buzzworthy Audiobook Critic, writing for Book Trib.

“Make sure your seatbelt is low and tight across your lap  and your tray table is in the upright and locked position” as we take off on a wild rocket ride, seat-of-your-pants adventure into the unknown and discover what must be done to bring your business in for a happy landing!

Happy New Year to all our friends! We wish you success in your own business adventures in 2020 and beyond!