The American Mule is Stubborn About Quality


quality of productWe’ve often written about the danger you face when, as a physical product producer, attempting to hit the velocity price point. That’s the price where products in your category move the fastest. Even more dangerous is trying to hit the lowest price in your category. For physical product producers, the temptation is always there to sell on price, not necessarily quality.

Brokers, distributors, and retailers will generally say you will increase sales at a hot price point. And you can afford to do that if you “cheapen” your product. Translated, that is: reduce the quality of the materials used, and reduce the cost of labor, resulting in inferior materials and, almost always, offshore production. Both make quality control very difficult.

We’ve all bought too many of these kinds of products. They feel cheap, they dent, they break, and all we can brag about is how little we paid.

Every branded product producer must make a decision: Will the market pay more for true quality, authenticity, and domestic manufacturing? Or is price more important than value?

Casey Barras has bet on quality. Last year he noticed that the popularity of copper mugs in the bars was becoming ubiquitous. Due to the “Moscow Mule” and other cocktails, copper mugs had become common seemingly overnight. These mugs are the most visible change in barware since the advent of the Irish coffee glass.

But he also noticed that these mugs were mass produced apparently at the lowest possible price. In fact, they were created to promote beverage alcohol brands. So, if they “grew legs” and walked out of the bar with the customers, hey, that’s OK! It was all about branding after all. But what if you wanted a high-quality copper mug you’d be proud to serve to your friends, give to your sweetheart, and show off on your shelf? You’d be out of luck. No one had addressed that market yet. Until…

Hailing from Phoenix, Casey asked, “Why can’t we do something cool right here in Arizona? After all, isn’t it The Copper State? What if we made a high-quality copper mug made from top grade American copper hand-crafted by local Arizona metal artists? What if we spent more time in classic design, handpicking the metals, ensuring durability, and careful craftsmanship? What if we made the best copper mugs right here in America? Would folks pay to have a high-value product like that?” Casey bet yes!

He was the first to grab the bar slang “American Mule” to distinguish his brand and his product. In these days of too many imported cheap products, he is also distinguishing his brand as American made. Casey is appealing to the pride we all want to rekindle in the quality products we own, give and share.

And aren’t we getting a little tired of disposable products? Don’t we want more than the average cheap merchandise at rock bottom prices? If it’s a gift, don’t we want it to show how much we care about a quality product that will withstand the test of time? If it’s in our home, don’t we want it to reflect our appreciation for excellence? And when we serve our guests, don’t we want to show they deserve the best? We certainly do – and we think that we are not alone!

We salute a true American entrepreneur committed to quality, heritage, and American products. The copper mug has become emblematic of a new generation. It is a creation that is truly their own. This is their opportunity to treasure this unique icon in a lasting and meaningful way.

We think the American Mule copper mug makes the perfect gift, award, or addition to your personal entertainment faire. The American Mule also offers multiple options for purchase including, discounted pre-orders, Mule pack/sets, custom gift wrapping, and custom-engraved monogram options. They have also begun to introduce other treasures made with only the highest quality in The Copper State, USA. “A true gift of celebration for the hard-working American Mule.”

Get what you pay for and be proud of your investment for years to come! Check out