Increase Your Audience and Make a Permanent Impression with Audio Theatre


There should be no doubt that the future of marketing and social media will have a strong audio component.” That is according to Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor, Peter Harengel.

The Next Big Thing

Harengel points out that, “Just as marketers and regular social media users perfected the art of creating well-written text and professional-looking photos and videos for their followers, they will soon have to figure out groundbreaking and innovative ways to appeal to users’ ears.” We agree that audio is the next big thing! 

Advantages over Video

There’s a good reason why podcasts and audio books are off the charts. Audio is a convenient way to learn and is the preference of a whole new generation. Unlike video, the audience is not tethered to a screen or a page. They enjoy full mobility and can listen on demand. Working out, commuting, doing chores, binging on a road trip, or just giving your eyes a screen break, audio is an increasingly compelling form of edutainment.  Also, unlike video, the files are smaller and are more easily accessible from websites. And the cost of production is generally considerably less than video.

High Quality and Imaginative

According to Harengel, “The content creators of the future will need to also learn how to produce top-quality audio content, in various forms that may not be even imagined yet.”  At Business Audio Theatre, we have not only imagined an example of this new content, but we actually produced a full-length, fully-casted theatrical performance of a business story that has been recognized by the Audiobook Publishers Association as one of the top business audiobooks of 2020! And now we are offering this new approach to top-quality audio content to others.

Experiential Learning

Audio Theatre captures the imagination of the listener. As they are imaging the scenes and the characters, their minds are actively participating in the story. The strategic addition of sound effects and music adds drama and suspense. The proponents are easy to identify with as they are performed in the 3rd person. The characters’ motives and guiding principles become transparent as the actions and outcomes unfold. Audio theatre is entertaining and the takeaways are easier to recall and apply. This is experiential learning at its best.

New Way To Reach Them

Harengel concludes his article on the power of audio with, “It’s very likely that the future belongs to whoever manages to implement audio-based solutions to their existing infrastructure and establish new ways to reach potential and existing buyers.” And we would only add, it establishes new ways to reach potential and existing employees as well!

Why not tell your story in a convenient, familiar, and increasingly popular format that is user-friendly and can be easily accessed? We have the professional experience, business background, and expert team to make that happen! Let us perform your story once so it can make an impact forever! Find out more at