Build Your Brand and Keep Your Legacy Alive with an Audio Performance!


So many successful brand builders watch helplessly as the entrepreneurial spirit of their brand begins to fade as their company grows. It gets simplified and watered down with each new generation. The increasing division of specialized labor that you can finally afford to increase efficiency and reduce costs inevitably begins to dull that spirit. As the silos grow and the walls begin to thicken, your people can get isolated and insulated from the sale process. They can start to take your company’s history and what you had to do to overcome those early sales challenges for granted. They begin to forget what it actually took to get your business going in the first place. It becomes a given, no more special than any other place to work.

Get Buy In

How do you get that new engineer who says, “I have nothing to do with sales” to actively pitch in to support the efforts required to make sales happen? How do you get your accounting staff excited about what your company has been through to get to the point of solid, stable, and predictable cash flow? How do you set a fire under your decedents to remind them of not only what it took to build your brand, but how to emulate that spirit in their everyday efforts? And how do you give your salespeople the stories of all the ups and downs, challenges and solutions that you faced so they can remember and share them with their prospects?

Use Drive Time

You know they have a very limited attention span and don’t have a lot of time to read much these days. But we think there is now a new and effective way to get your message across and give your people the appreciation for the company you have so painstakingly built. We found a way that takes advantage of their “downtime“ when commuting or driving to their next appointment by amusing, entertaining, and engaging them in your story. It allows them to listen on their terms and in their time slots to a theatrical enactment of scenes from your company’s early days when it was more of a startup than an enterprise.

Entertain Them

We are talking about preserving your legacy and inspiring your people with the true story of your beginnings. We are not suggesting just reading to them by an audiobook narrator, but actually having your story performed by professional actors playing the parts in short scenes. We are talking about dramatizing where your company’s values came from and some of the seminal moments in its success, complete with sound effects and an original musical score.

Training Tool

We think business audio theatre should be used in every company as part of the orientation and training process as well as the sales program. It will give your new people, for years to come, a firm foundation in your company’s history and values delivered in a way that they will embrace. It’s more of a business adventure than a lecture and more of a story than a prescriptive text.

If you would like to experience an example of this new training tool, check out If you think you or your company would benefit by keeping your legacy alive with an audio performance, check out We would love to help you perform your story for your people!