Worthy Cause Marketing Today

worthy cause marketingWorthy Cause Marketing is a mutually beneficial partnership between private companies and non-profit organizations. The private company aligns itself with an organization’s goals. The company helps the NPO raise funds, provides resources, and raises awareness of the organization. In return, the organization’s membership has a social reason to buy the products and services of the sponsoring company.

The Brand Authority

The Brand Authority is a high traffic resource for information about brands and their development. It showcases Worthy Cause Marketing as a strong component of brand building being. We have two goals.

Our first goal is to match an organization with the ideal private brand sponsor whose products or services have symmetry with the organization’s goals. Secondly, we are helping private corporations find a great non-profit “partner” as opposed to a non-profit “charity”.

The Brand Authority is building a directory of non-profits broken down by the general worthy causes into which they best fit. This directory will help match an organization with an appropriate private company sponsor.

All brands have to get the word out on their products and services. Last year, companies spent over 100 Billion dollars on conventional advertising. When a company successfully launches a Worthy Cause Marketing plan, a large portion of an ad spend can be diverted to non-profits. As a result, they can achieve a far greater and longer lasting return.

You can help us achieve these goals by answering these questions about your company or organization:

Note to Non-Profits– When you have completed the short survey be sure to check out our White Paper “Press Room” section. Check it under Tools & Resources to see how we can showcase your organization on our website at NO CHARGE!