Tony Robbins’ Courses Helped Us Build the Famous Barefoot Wine Brand


TBA.12.23.15When we started Barefoot Wine, it was without money or knowledge of the wine industry. But we also had a few other challenges we were carrying around with us – right between our ears. For one thing, we had to overcome the negative thoughts that had been haunting us since childhood. These thoughts existed due to the cynical, yet popular, mass attitude that says failure is way more likely than success.

This negative attitude was all around us and was beginning to feel much too familiar, especially when we were faced with apparently insurmountable challenges that seemed to be multiplying daily.

Air travel with multiple cases of wine samples was impossible, so we did a lot of driving. That’s when we started listening to Tony Robbins. His courses were our constant company on the long drives we initially had to make to our prospective buyers in L.A., San Diego, Las Vegas, Reno, Portland, and Seattle.

What we loved about the courses was the way Tony took the popular negative attitude which boiled down to “you can’t do it,” to a very positive attitude of “you certainly can do it!” We really needed that!

Further, listening to Tony all the way to L.A. in our rolling private classroom gave us a real chance to focus undistracted on what he was saying. And then when we got there, we would immediately apply his teachings at the meetings, presentations, and promotions we were doing.

He taught us how to stay balanced with focus, language, and philosophy. He helped us become aware of the many ways we could stay positive, and how that attitude influenced us and others. It wasn’t “woo-woo”; it was about building self-confidence, poise and conviction. Even today when we appear on stage and present our philosophies on business, sales, and entrepreneurship we rely on those same basics.

In fact, now, after 20 years building the Barefoot brand and ten years as consultants, advisors, and keynote speakers, one of the secrets to success we expound upon is the overriding effect your personal psychology and philosophy has on your success. Audiences, prospects, and clients can sense how you really feel about yourself, your products and your services. It comes through in your enthusiasm, body language, and tonality, even before you make your first point.

We recently had the honor of being the featured speakers for Tony’s Business Mastery Graduates. Our talk is available to all for free on his site. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to give back a bit of what we learned about business especially to this great organization that gave us so much!

We decided to expose some of the commonly held misconceptions that can block your business success by using some of Tony’s principles in our stories and real life experiences.  We hope our talk gave Tony’s business grads valuable examples that will give them a big head start in their quest for increased sales and team engagement.

In fact, we also gave them an opportunity to download 6 free chapters from our new book, The Entrepreneurial Culture, 23 Ways to Engage and Empower Your People along with several detailed graphic guides to further help them with sales and engagement. All of these bonus are available to anyone who checks out our presentation or clicks here.

This is our holiday gift to you! We hope our experience will help you achieve a truly happy and prosperous New Year!

Oh, and about Tony, be sure to take him along on your next trip to L.A. (or anywhere)! It’s well worth the ride! Happy Holidays! – M&B