Sales Jobs Require Social Skills and Product Knowledge


sales jobsEvery business really has only two divisions: Sales and Sales Support. Without Sales, no one in Sales Support gets paid. Why are salespeople so essential to any brand?

Generally, the buyer “buys” the salesperson and not the product. A buyer’s relationship with a particular salesperson can be so important they will actually change brands if necessary to stay with their favorite salesperson.

Ideally, salespeople are compensated in a way that performers can’t afford to leave and non-performers can’t afford to stay. Consequently, sales jobs can be either the highest paying or the lowest, depending on your performance.

Here are the Top 15 Qualities for sales jobs:

1. Social Skills

You now have to talk to your prospect face to face. So brush up on your manners, sincerity, and liberal arts.

2. Communication Skills

Drop the crutch words. Do more listening than talking. When you do speak, make it clear and succinct. Listen for what your buyer needs.

3. Closing Skills

Ask for the order. Make a compelling case but act like an “assistant buyer” with your prospect’s best interests in mind. Solve their problem.

4. Product Knowledge

It’s not enough to outline the features. Your prospect buys the benefits. Convey what makes your offering unique. Educate, don’t pontificate.

5. Respect for the Competition

Understand your product and your competitors’.

6. Knowledge of the Territory

Familiarize yourself with the geography. Know who the players are and where they operate.

7. Flexible Hours

Be ready to work long hours, odd hours, holidays and weekends. Take your vacation when your customers need you the least.

8. Buyer Relationships

Your new boss would love to continue the positive relationships with your former customers.

9. Knowledge of the Distribution Channels

Understand how your product gets to the buyer and all the idiosyncrasies of the distribution system. Know the roadblocks and gatekeepers all the way to the eventual customer.

10. Previous Sales Experience

Ask your former employers – and buyers – to endorse you. If you want to get into sales start early.

11. Willingness to Work on Commission

Your bills are due monthly whether or not you make a commission. Learn how to budget and save.

12. Appearance

Stay healthy, clean, and well groomed. Mirror the dress of your buyers. Your appearance should not detract from your message.

13. Organization

Know your priorities, take notes, follow up, keep your schedule flexible. Plan your day and work your plan. And have a Plan B.

14. Temperament

Maintain a positive attitude and a thick hide. Don’t take adversity personally. Learn to get along with all types of personalities and cultures.

15. Dependability

Show up on time. Deliver what you promise. Get back to folks when you say you will. And when you absolutely can’t, acknowledge it and make it up to them. Integrity is king.

Wow! If you can do all that, you can land a very successful sales job. Congratulations! Now get ready to hire and train some help. And that requires another whole skill set.

Every company and industry has different requirements, but the more of these qualities you possess, the greater your chances at succeeding at that perfect sales job. Good Luck and Good Selling!