Now Is the Time for Green Brands, Regardless of What You Hear from Washington


If you read the news, you might get the mistaken idea that green brands are done and we’re going back to our dependence on fossil fuels. Just the opposite is happening. Don’t give up on your plans for that green product or solution. There’s an expanding market at your doorstep.  Just because the US has pulled out of Paris Climate Accord, the world is not abandoning its pursuit of health and human survival, and neither are most of the US states and cities.

The World Wildlife Fund has just released a new video on this point, hosted by none other than “Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise,” William Shatner. Incidentally, the animation was put together by Whiteboard, the company that did the illustrations for our New York Times Bestseller, The Barefoot Spirit. In the video, Shatner lays down some pretty incredible facts that have a significant impact on the future of your brand, how your promote your brand, and your brand image.

  1. 3 million Americans are currently working in the clean energy economy. That’s more that are employed in the entire fossil fuel industry. These Americans are strong consumers of green brands as their livelihood is dependent on the health and success of the green revolution.
  2. Half of America’s largest companies have a goal to cut pollution the equivalent of 45 coal fired plants each year. This means there is a growing market for products and services that help them achieve this goal.
  3. Over 400 US cities have pledged to cut pollution and build climate smart communities. This is creating a great market for green transportation, housing and power. Entire city fleets are already being converted to electric vehicles.
  4. 60 US cities have climate targets stronger than the Paris Accord. This means that the market for green solutions will continue to expand regardless of what Washington does or does not do.
  5. 600 colleges and universities are committed to eliminating their carbon pollution and are preparing students for the new clean economy of the future. This means that the labor pool you need to develop and produce your green solution is coming on line now.

The World Wildlife Fund video identifies these market forces at work in the US that are irreversible.

The influence the fossil fuel industry is having on the federal government is resulting in an unexpected backfire. The world is now more committed than ever to continuing with the Paris Climate Accord due to the new US policies of isolationism and climate regression. And why not? They still have to trade. So, they are making plans to trade without us. Their plans to survive global warming are based on working with the other 19 countries that support the Accord. The recent G20 meeting looked more like G19 united against the US. The G19 will be looking for products and services that help them meet their green goals.

Now, add to that, the galvanization that is occurring within the general public. The proponents of green solutions are now more outspoken than ever. New documentaries on climate change are appearing every month in the press, on TV, and in the movies. A new installment of the Inconvenient Truth will be released next month.

This intensified barrage of educational materials may not have happened without a strong reaction to the fossil fuel industry’s strong influence over the federal government. These educational initiatives will have their impact on the consuming public. They will pave the way for an increased demand for green products and services. So, thanks to all the talk to the contrary, the green market is on the grow! Don’t miss the “green” boat!