Listening to the Barefoot Brand Story Can Save you Time, Money, and Angst!


We started in our laundry room with no money and no knowledge of our industry, and ended up in the boardroom of the world’s largest wine company. Now, you can listen to the true story of how we built the Barefoot Wine brand! But don’t worry, we’re not just going to read the book to you. We are going to perform it for you!

Since 2012, we have been diligently writing articles about what we learned by actually going through the consumer brand building process from ideation to monetization. We wrote every week on the google words you searched for in consumer brand building. We wanted you to benefit from our mistakes and discoveries – without the pain we endured. Now, we bring our New York Times bestseller, The Barefoot Spirit, to life in a full cinematic production for your ears.

For the past year, we have been working in stealth mode to create what Yitzchok Saftlas of WABC 77 in New York calls, “A whole new genre of audio books.” We have transformed our paperback into an audio script with actors playing the characters. We used sound effects and created an original musical score. Working with Sherwood Players Productions in Hollywood, we have meticulously recreated actual scenes that transpired in the building of this American icon.

Listen to Bonnie’s midnight flash about what the label will look like as she pushes a sleepy Michael to get it all down before it left her. Hear Michael get thrown out of the office of his first buyer (played by the legendary Ed Asner!) who initially refuses to take Barefoot Wines, but ultimately paves the way for its success. Listen to how our fledgling company provided personalized customer service and built loyal customers. Hear how they kept their spirits up by making fun out of adversity. And listen to Michael getting swamped by a Southern thunderstorm and pushing on to make a sale.

You can witness these events and more in our dramatic audio theatre performance. You will be entertained listening to what it took to build a brand that’s in every store. The stories are memorable and so are the lessons they demonstrate.

Oh, and how much will it cost? Well, we are giving you all the scenes we just described HERE now for FREE! Enjoy! Each 45 minute episodic chapter is loaded with scenes just like these that will give you important brand building insights…with a few good laughs to boot! There are 10 chapters in the audio book, all for $9.95! And sure, it’s available through all the audio retailers. But it’s $9.95 from our Author’s Direct Store. That’s just a buck a chapter!

When was the last time you listened to a blow-by-blow brand building experience, with all the ups and downs, thrills and chills of a real world entrepreneurial rocket ride… for 10 bucks? The adventure will save you a fortune in time, money, and angst!

Yea, we know, this is an ad for our newly released, business theatre audiobook! We just launched it and hope you like what it says, what you learn, and how it’s delivered. So check it out, already!  And let us know what you think!